Render with different value

Hi guys

Im making a logo to my self, but i have a little problem :frowning:

I give to my mesh a Emission Shader with a value of 2.0, but when i press render the value go to 0.5…
Is this a bug?


Have you added a keyframe to the emission value ? Does the emission setting change its colour

No i have not added any keyframe

No the emission setting do not change its colour

Image with the emission value i want (2.0)


Image when i press render the value change (Rendering)


I already have changed the value in Node Editor but the problem persists


Richard you were right!! The problem was a keyframe i inserted with no intension… I’m so sorry!

You can close this thread!

You can mark the thread as solved. Press edit in the first post, advanced, and it should give you a suffix dropdown.