Render with Ray locks up

and without looks washed out…
I have a file ( ) which I cannot get Blender 2.37 to render with the Ray button selected. It renders (single frame) in about 13 seconds on NTSC settings with Ray deselected, but freezes (up to 24 hours) on my system if I have Ray selected. It worked fine when I only had 1 leg in the scene. CPU utiliztion stays pegged (99% Blender 1% System) the entire time.
Anyone have any clues? Here’s the Specs

Blender 2.37
XP Pro SP2
AMD Sempron 2600+ (1.83 GHz) 1 GB RAM
5GB free on C:
36GB Free on D:
Opening file on D:
Video: 64M Geforce2 MX400 AGP4x
Drivers: ForceWare 81.85
DirectX 9.0

You have accidentally sized your groundplane very huge. Its around 1000x1000x1 units. Size it down to something like 3x3 and it renders fine, in just under a minute on A2000+, 1Gb.

Thanks! That got it…