HI all.
I need a little help with the correct visualization.
How to write HDRI in blendere to the card itself was the scene (well, for example, 3d max) as shown in the lesson
but how would yafray little known and never met a lesson about HDRI maps itself I use blender 2.49 yafray 0.1.1 that’s my job … not very Roeder (.

Please reword that, that makes no sense.

Also, stay off the acid.:eek:

I think you mean how do you add HDR lighting to light a model in Yafaray?
If you mean how do you create a background then you have to composite that with an alpha channel that you can render from Blender first then add the background, but as far as using HDR lighting…

OK- First- I assume you already have the car model shown, but for anyone else- here is a pretty decent car model…
Here is the link to the backgrounds…
“Load the .hdr as an image texture for the World (F5 - World - F6)
In yaf(a)ray settings use Pathtracing or Photon Mapping and enable Use Background.
Change the Background settings to Texture and check Use IBL.
You can change the rotation, power and samples for the IBL.
Then render!”

SO to repeat- load a background image into Blender (Into the World image slot). Open Yafaray. Then under “World Settings< Background Settings<”, select “Texture”, then select “Use IBL”. For less grain but higher render times, boost the IBL samples.

Hope that helps!!