Render4you new cycles renderfarm for blender CPU and GPU 25 € free rendering possible

What we do

render4you offers on-demand, high performance remote rendering. We use 12GB Maxwell and Pascal based Cards and DUAL Xeon´s with 64-256GB RAM.

How it works

Upload your source files through our Interace directly to the farm or use the blender inapp plugin. Submit and monitor jobs using our brand new custom interface management system. Your rendered frames will be available directly through the interface. (Details)

submitt directly from blender to the farm, the interface has to be installed first.

What it cost ( every new account can use a starting account balance of EUR 25,00)

50 % Discount for all rendering in 2019

Try our cost Estimator for CPU only (Link). For a quote you will need the following information.
total number of frames
average render time per frame
speed of your computer cinebench or octanebench for GPU

Only if the rendering is successful will the system charge our users. The system will not charge our users if the rendering is failed.


bake support – support of all physics is supported
cycles CPU & GPU rendering – every GPU has 12GB
one 8 large cluster with 10 12GB Cards for stillimages
support of multiple blender versions 2.69, - 2.79b
synchronization of your projectfolder with our farm

request your free account or send us a email (free account)

Er… so if it’s free if you pay? I don’t get it.

It’s free if it fails? I would certainly hope so!

I think they mean that you get 25€ worth of renders for free :stuck_out_tongue:

if you render a animation and cancel the animation after 80%, the credits are charged

some farms use 1 min based credits calculation or 5 min credit calculation, if you render a large still image and the node render 2 hours and goes to error state, you don´t have to pay for the 2 hours, other farms need money for the 2 hours.

updated the first post.

updated first post

you can modify the submission scripts to your needs. if we have change something on our backend scripts, please contact us.