RenderD/Broker (Network Rendering)

I’m trying to use the RenderD/Broker program to render animations over my LAN. There seems to be a problem in that it will only render frames when the output image resolution is set to 320x240, any larger than this and it will render the first frame correctly but then throw up an error and stop. If I set the animation resolution to 320x240 all the frames are rendered without any errors. Has anyone else experienced this on 2.34?

I had an old install of 2.32 on my work machine and it works OK :smiley: but on both my work and home machine’s 2.34 installs I get the error. :-? I’m using a mixture of Win2K and XP.

Error output for Broker.exe

2> SingleShotRender 1
    20 bytes out (     0 to go) of the total 20
2 Command = [504 blender render command failed][35]
2 ERROR unknown response from renderd
2 awaits signal

Error output for RenderD.exe

>2 504 blender render command failed
    35 bytes out (     0 to go) of the total 35
Render f:\blender\blender.exe -b renderd-2 -f 1]

Any help would be much appreciated as it appears that RenderD/Broker is perfect for what I want. I hope that somebody is still willing to develop it further as all the other network rendering projects appear to have stalled :frowning:

I can’t get Piovra to work (possible similar problem to above but I still need to investigate).

Nitrox works from Blender’s GUI on both server and client (I really want remote command line interaction as the clients will not neccessarily have monitors when set up as a render farm)

DrQueue does not work on Windows. :frowning: