renderdaves game art

Nice trees. How you made them? I tried such things myself once but I can’t wrap my head around good looking trees.

thanks. i when i make trees i always use reference then model around the reference image.all the branches are modeled seperatly and then attatched via the union modifier. then i clean up the mesh.

Nice… I gave this union modifier a try. This bugger would have helped me a lot with that Zoids mesh of mine. I’ve to keep this one in mind :wink:

They are rather nice renders if I may lend my opinion - although a bit specific in the video gaming genre that I am not really too into at the moment. Keep up the great work, and you may just find yourself knee-deep earning mega-bucks in the highly competitive gaming job market!

thanks for the comments! heres my latest work a sci fi bunker door 31 faces 1x diffuse, spec and norm all 1024x1024.


The all seem really dark to me, so much so that the majority of the detailing isn’t visible. Great work though, but it would be better if it wasnt all so dark.

Now most of these are well done a few tweaks here and there could up them a bit but why in the world would you model a bunker door as a game asset?
Now I’ve worked on several game projects but I would usually leave that up to hte mapper and not the modeler.
Anyways, those trees need a bit more plump-ness to them. Moar leaves plz!

hi all thaks for the comments heres another peice of work all hand painted apart from the base texture and the sticker on the side.


This is very impressive!Is it possible to create a tutorial for hand painting textures?
(BTW the translation is still in progress because I am focusing on BWC now)

oh and hese all of my image maps


hi im back with some more work:


You are getting better and better!(the grenades are the only things I don’t really like)

thanks clewer. yea the grenades where abit rushed so i will redo them later
edit: quickly edited the frags diffuse to this:


hi another peice of work . everything modeled in blender and textured in gimp then imported into unreal 3 for the screengrab. its a mini flamethrower based off a concept i found


Professional work again!(BTW translation is coming,I am having aa busy month so it is hard to do it,but Im at least progressing slowly)

Sorry double post.