Rendered animation stopping

I’m relatively new to blender ad trying to render an animation for the first time, however when i do render the animation into a specified folder as an avi.raw it momentarily stops at different intervals on playback. If i try to render as an avi.jpeg the windows video player has a problem and cannot run. How do i fix this so that the animation plays smooth and doesn’t stop?

As you’re new, the hint, the support forums are further down, under support, where you ask for… well support :slight_smile:

raw avi is huge and uncompressed, and most likely your system is too slow to buffer the frames, that’s why playback isn’t smooth. Most likely your HDD can’t load the frames fast enough, the stopping is when frames are being buffered to the memory.

In any case, just render to an image sequence like PNG or OpenEXR, they are lossless and you can reuse frames. Also if rendering fails at a frame or you have 10 frames with a glitch the rest is fine, you’d have to re-render everything rendering to a movie container directly, especially to one with a lossy format - that is if you’re not familiar how to dice’n’slice movie containers.

In any case, you then just use Blenders VSE or Virtualdub or whatever to load the image sequece and save it to a compressed .avi or .mkv container or whatever and compress it with xvid, divx or h263 or x264 as those are the most commonly used compressions.

Thank you so much,that helped a lot. I’ll probably need some help on the whole compression of the animation, but I will cross that bridge when I get there and on the support forum. Thank you again.:slight_smile:

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