rendered digger

This is a rendered digger I made, Please tell me what you think.

the glow was made in photoshop, but every thing else was modeled and rendered on blender.
I got the idea from a 3ds max image, it looked pretty cool, so I decited to create it in blender

hay dude that looks awsome but was the glow really needed?

Yes, I like my renders to have a glow, in my oppinion they look much better.

Just host images on, that way you can link them directly, like this:

believe me, it does Not look better with the glow…


Can everybody PLEASE change their world color to something besides blender-default blue? It would look great in white, w/o glow. And some Ambient Occlusion might look nice too.

I didnt even notice anyone replied, here is my other one:
I tried imageshack, it is pretty cool,
I removed the glow,
I changed the default blue color.

It looks much better now.

much better the other one with the glow looked creepy!