rendered image saving problem

Hi all

I have a problem with a rendered scene wich is quite big. The image is rendered fine, but when pushing F3 I get the error message “No image rendered”. So I read somewhere else on the forum that this is a memory problem :frowning: although I have enough free space on my hard drive and 3G’s of ram, it still seems not to be enough.

I even activated “Save Buffers” and “FullSample” but then I get .exr files of 345Meg :eek: wich I can’t open in the Blender’s Image Editor -> crash

Is there another way to render an image that I can save ? Kinda stuck here…


You can use the Really big render script to break the render into tiles. You can find it here:

Hmm, tried the script but for some reason it doesn’t tile the image, it renders the whole image instead of parts … using blender 2.46

You might try connecting the result to a file output node. Your format options are somewhat limited with this node as compared to the options on the format tab in the render buttons but this is likely not an issue if it’s your final composite in Blender or being sent to another app for further enhancement. The file output node will immediately save (upon connecting an image noodle to it’s image input socket) any image to whatever directory you type into it’s file path field (you can browse to the directory of choice also via the folder icon on the node). You can also check out the “No Overwrite” button on Output tab for additional options concerning this node.

@ RamboBaby:

You solution seems to work !!! :slight_smile: but, now I’m only missing the background skycolor (some blueish tint in the world settings). Do you have any idea to get this color back ?


It all worked out in the end thx to blender (again) ! When I made the final render, saving buffers @ full sample, the .exr file was about 1Gig big :eek:. But, with the live saving tip of RamboBaby, Blender did save it fluently to a png image.

Well done again Blender !!