Rendered images gets all blury over time..

ok i uploaded 3 pics. 2 of them shows a renderattempt last night. now the first image that was rendered had a good quality even tho the background is bothering me, but i can figure that out. however, after the night when i checked the pics. i noticed that they became more and more. the clearest pic is number 16 i think, and the bluriest is 28? i rendered total 30 frames them i canceled cause i cant use those :confused:

also i uploaded an image from blender where i am at this moment rendering an image to see how it looks rendered. and i see that it is already turning blury… does anyone know why this happens? and how to fix it.


Reduce/disable motion blur?

where do i do that?

please can i get an answer?

It’s a camera property make the shutter value smaller.

Well you haven’t gotten an answer yet it seems… Do you see blender rendering a whole bunch of normal frames and then spitting out a blurred version?