Rendered images have large, random pixelated blocks throughout

Following Andrew Price’s tutorial on creating a realistic looking earth, I came into this problem during rendering. At first, there was no problem with the renders and as I completed steps, all looked good. Then at some point, I started getting these blocks of what looks to be partially rendered image or pixelation.

I want to know what is happening here so that I can correct the issue and prevent it from occurring in the future. I wasn’t able to find an similar issue on here. Sorry if this is a repeat.

I’ve attached a couple of snapshots as examples, one with only the base object and one with all objects rendered. Plus, I have included the blend file is someone wants to check my work.



worldintro2.blend (1.2 MB)

You have two earth spheres on top of each other!

Just select your Earth sphere, go into edit mode, select a vertex on the sphere, press ctrl-l to select all the connected vertices, then delete them!

It will leave You with only one sphere!


Alternatively, you may just have to remove doubles.

Pretty much what I said! :wink:


Thank-you both for the response. I see what I did. When creating the extra spheres for the atmosphere and clouds layers, I inadvertently created the extraneous sphere of the earth itself. I had tried to remove duplicates before, but clearly I missed a bunch.