Rendered images - invisible files - 2.40

Either I’m going a bit mad or something whacky’s going on.

I am re-rendering, in 2.40, an animation made mostly in 2.4alpha2 and everything is fine except that the images (I’m rendering to jpegs) are invisible/hidden files. I’m certain this didn’t occur in previous versions.



You mean your box is saving them to a hidden folder?


I thought that at first, when I couldn’t find them, but it’s actually naming them and putting them in the chosen, visible folder, but the files are invisible. So, I have to do a search for invisible “.jpg” then grab all the found files and drag them to a new folder to make them visible. :frowning:

I’ll recheck soon with 2.37 and 2.4alpha but I’m certain this is an oddity in 2.4 as this is the method I’ve been using recently.

This probably explains why I haven’t been able to find my playblast files too. I’ll have to do a search for invisible “.mov” files and see what treasure awaits.

Mac must have some option like win to “Show Hidden Files”.


I don’t think it has an easy “show hidden” feature. It can be done from the command line or via a script but not from a finder menu option.

Anyways, I had a mini breakthrough today. It turns out that somewhere along the way I’ve ended up with a duplicate directory system - except the double is hidden. Somehow, Blender ended up using this hidden path instead of the default, visible one.

I’ll need to investigate why this double is there, where it came from and how to deal ith it (and how much disc space it’s chewing up!!??)

If any Maccers know why I’d have a volume alias called “Macintosh HD 1” which targets the startup volume “Macintosh HD” and why I’d have a folder in the hidden Volumes folder called “Macintosh HD” then I’d be interested to hear.