Rendered Model Seems to Have Been Pounded With a Hammer

Well, I’m stumped. I made a model of the inner part of a wheel, and it looks fine in Object Mode. But when I render it, it ends up looking like somebody took a hammer to it. It’s all distorted and deformed, and if it wasn’t up against the rock face you would be able to see blue sky through it in parts. What the heck is going on?? :eek: I don’t have any modifiers on, I don’t have Set Smooth on. I turned all the normals so they’re outside. I filled in all the gaps I could find. That circular piece right in the middle claims to be perfectly flat on top in the global Z direction. I’m totally bewildered. Has anyone else encountered this before?


Attach your blend file

Is there any displacement map or normal map attached to the object? If so, maybe too large in scale.

  1. Displacement modifier
  2. Normal map
  3. Displacement map (in the material/texture settings)

You can rule out #1, because I can see in the screenshot that it has no modifiers.
Rule out #2, because it doesn’t alter the shape of the mesh.

…Which leads me to conclude that it’s probably #3. :yes:

My heroes! :cool: I’m giving all three of you a virtual hug. I hope you have a warm fuzzy feeling inside. :slight_smile: It was the displacement map. I don’t know how that button got clicked, as I didn’t even know about its existence up till this point. I’m sure aware of it now though, heh. Thank you!

At least you now know how to make an object look like it’s been pounded by a hammer if you need it :wink:

My thoughts exactly, lol. :smiley: