Rendered Object looks Strange

I am creating a scene and it has 3 CDs in it… all three have same material (except for the center color) all created the same way… but when rendered, one looks very strange and I have no idea why… On the two that look normal, I have added a quick Explode effect and was going to add same to the third one but it is looking strange
Any idea what might make it have this strange look ?


added note… I took off the Explode/particle system to see if that was causing the problem… no it isn’t the problem… with the particle system off, all three of the CDs appear the same strange look. I’ve created a scene using CDs made this way before with no issues …they appeared fine… these are strange…


Okay… figured out what happened… I kept researching everything and when setting some values, I accidently hit transparency and that was causing my problem. I solved it and now they all look good… have a good day
Thank you …