Rendered scene textured different than screen


I am new to the forum and pretty new to Blender. I made a character and have UV mapped the character. I have UV mapped the head. Now I ended up making essentially some eyelids and eye balls and adding them to the head. Well it looks just great on the screen and if I render the screen it looks just fine. But if I hit F12 the head, eye lids and the eye balls all have the eye ball texture. Sort of an interesting effect but not what I was going for!

I assume it is related to the objects being linked or something but I don’t know for sure. I used the shift P (or whatever) and seperated the objects.

Any help on this?


On the material settings, where the color picker is, do you have TexFace selected?

post the blend…so we can check whats going on…

Tex face is selected.
Um, how do I post the .blend file?

edited to add: I figured it out.