Rendered smoke keeps the same shape, will not flow

Hi Folks,

I have particles shooting off of a surface, and they emit smoke and it looks perfect in the viewport. As you can see, in the image below, not only does the rendered smoke not follow the particles, but also the shape of the smoke stays the same, incorrect and too big shape throughout all of the frames The only difference across the frames is that this incorrect unchanging shape moves whilst still staying the same shape.

The top row of 2 frames are the viewports showing particles with smoke coming from them as it should. The bottom row of 2 frames shows the rendered smoke (I isolated the smoke on render layer so you don’t see terrain.

The renderer seems to have cached a set image of the smoke and is simply moving that cached image around.

Any idea guys? Thanks.

Aha, this was because somehow the texture that is associated with the smoke material had become disassociated from the smoke domain - I had to re-enter the smoke domain’s name in the ‘Domain Object’ parameter of the texture.