Rendered texure off from display

I’m trying to figure out what could be wrong here, I’m new to render and uv texturing and all that.

I am using blender to make maps for a game that uses heightmap files, this I do successfully, but when I render the skin for the map the skin is shifted by some amount from what I see when I’m working in blender, and I have no idea why!

Here is the image as rendered, the brown line is supposed to be a path

Here is how it looks in blender:

And here is the .blend file:

Thanks for the help, I’m not even sure where to start looking other than posting, I did a quick but perhaps I missed the thread or didn’t know what to look for. Thanks.

Edit to add:
Ok, I’m must be doing something very noobish… if I change the draw type to shaded it looks like the rendered version, if I change it to textured it looks like a mixture of the two, why does it do this? any help is appreciated, thanks.