Rendered view turned 90° from texture and material views in cycles

Could you help me to explain why there is 90° between the Material (idem Texture) view and Rendered view whithout changing any parameters.
First is correct, rendered view is wrong.
Blender 2.68a - Cycles
Please see my screenshots: Rendered view - Texture view - Seams of UV Object
Thanks for your help

Blend file and texture is where ?

Sorry, I’m new in this forum. Which is the best way to post .blend or screenshots?
Many thanks

Most likely the viewport is just showing the UV mapping itself, but you haven’t actually told the material to use that mapping with the texture properly. Also check to make sure your object doesn’t have any unapplied rotation. And like Richard said, it’s far easier to help if you attach your .blend file with textures packed.

Upload blend file to and tell us the download link. Pack textures into blend file from File / External Data menu

Hope you’ll find everything!

If you want to use your UVs as the texture mapping, change the texture node back from Box to Flat

By the way, you didn’t include the texture in your blend file

You gave me the solution. Many thanks.