Rendered viewport in Cycles HDRI question


I was watching a blender nerd video on HDRI. It seems he was able to actually get his HDRI map to show up in the cycles render preview. However, when I display mine, the information on my metal object shows up but I can’t see the background for reference. I like to do that in other programs and then switch it off during rendering so I am not guessing at which reflection my be best for my object.

Is there some button that I’m missing that I need to switch on?


I still can’t find a button or whatever to make this happen. I looked all day during my off times at work.

You must be in perspective view to see the background image, not orthographic. To toggle hit the 5 key while in the viewport.


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Hi Thank Paolo, that really did the trick.

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I couldn’t figure this out for the life of me. I can’t believe it was this simple. Thank you.