i have been reading a lot of posts that suggest that blender has a crappy renderer … is this true ? and if so what do you all suggest i use in combination

Yafray + Yable script! 'nuff said :Z

some URL’s would be nice

never mind i found this same discussion in another thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, blender’s renderer is not the greatest. That is correct. However, for doing animations, Blender’s renderer can not be beat for speed. For stills, I would export to an external renderer such as YafRay, (looking very promising), or Lightflow, POVRay, etc.

There are many discussions ongoing over at in the forums about this very subject. Go check them out.


Well, you could judge for yourself taking into account some of the better output of the Blender renderer. Take a look at the (dated but still nice) gallery on elYsiun. There’s some really nice work there. Also, you can see some nice examples (ahem) of what the renderer can do at my website (click on my sig). If that doesn’t meet your needs, you can do what everyone else suggests and export. I haven’t found the need to do that yet.

I’m with Harkyman. With the right lighting and textures, Blender can render a damn good image.

I definitely agree with both harkyman and CurtisS on their points about the Blender renderer as well. I did not mean that it could not do a great job. It is however, difficult to acheive without the proper lighting and definitely a good texture job.


The blender renderer does have its quirks. On the other hand, so does all other renderers too. It’s good enough to rely on in most cases. The only thing that doesn’t keep up with competition is the typical raytracing demo image, such as extravagant refractions and reflections. And if you need high quality global illumination technology, you’ll have to go elsewhere too.

BUT, in the real world, if you learn how to use it, it’s neither better nor worse than any other renderer. What I’m saying is that it’s up to you.

(ahem cough ehrm) you could take a peak at this
IMO, this demonstrates some qualities not associated with the average blender rendition, though it is 100% blender (hm cough cough)

With proper lighting and texture, Blender can do wonders. Users can read-up the lightning tutorial in Specials section in + The tutorial on photorealism texturing. With understanding in both element, Blender stands tall with other.

Blender is a GREAT scanline renderer.

Those who are saing it’s crap are actually seeking for RayTracers