renderers built just for blender

i am now getting used to the script thing with yafray, and i was woundering if there was other renderers built just for blender, cos things like pov-ray have some really crap export scripts.

so anyone know of any other renderers built just for blender, and have nice little tabs built into them like yaf ray does (when it has the extra anit-alising windows)

if i am confusing, just reply and i will try harder to became more understandable


Aqsis (a Renderman-compliant renderer) is supported by unofficial versions of Blender, written by P Gregory (who also writes Aqsis).

Go to and give him a yell.

cos things like pov-ray have some really crap export scripts.

have you tried POVANIM? That is an awesome exporter for Pov-ray?

I have yet to figure out how to make yafray function. it begind but then stops without having endered anythnig. Any suggestions?

Toxic, headed by Samadam is a renderer for blender.

I would not limit myself to something that is ‘specific’ to Blender. There are many great render-engines available and for several there are exportscripts for Blender made. I have a list of (currently 37) freeware and open source render-engines on my website. Go take a look at what’s available.

Nice raytracing kitchen for my debian. Thx for great link!

Ehhm… sorry, but none of the above renderers were built specifically for blender. The only renderer which (presumably) was built for blender is in blender. Yafray ppl are from the same original group as Ton, but thats it… you can use yafray with other modellers, Toxic was built without even knowing about blender (that’s what the main developer there said anyway)…

This should not discourage you from using these tools, just thought the record should be straight…