Renderers for blender 2.53

Hi, I’m new to this forum and 3d stuff in general, blenders the 1st 3d program ive ever used and im slowly getting there and understand a bit about it but i still have TONS to learn. I generally like to render out blender, so in 2.49 i had a kerkythea python which allowed me to export and work in kerkythea echo (2008?) but blenders updating and im not sure the export will work with 2.53. Ive learnt the insides and outs basically of kerkythea and im pretty comfortable with it as i know how to use it well but i want to use other renderers and im unsure as to which ones to use. mainly because of useability and such as i have become so use to kerkythea’s interface which is known for being quite good(so i’ve seen so far).

but yeh, anyway, i was wondering if anyone could help me out and suggest any renderers which are similar to kerkythea, have an export which works with the current blender and produce photorealistic renders. I’m not particularly bothered about animations yet, im more focused on stills.

anyway, thanks =]

There is many exporters under development but they are under experimental stage.

But if you are very confortable with kerkythea you can keep using it. Blender 2.53 can export to *.obj and as I know kerkythea echo can import *.obj files.