Renderfarm Compared Test

Hello everyone,
We made this video to compare some features between [iRender] farm vs A Random Render Farm:

- Analysis Feature.
- Auto collect asset feature.
- Switching GPU&CPU rendering devices.

Hope you like it, don’t forget to share with me your thoughts!

Hi Donaldking,

We are 3S Cloud Render Farm, a new Render Farm for all Blender Artists. We are Blender lovers and want to create a platform for Blender community to render at ease. If you have some time, we’d love to welcome you to visit our farm and try rendering. We support Eevee, Cycles and Luxcore and addons like Animation Node and Flip Fluids and there’ll be more soon. We believe you gonna have a good time experiencing with us. And, if there is any comparison video in the future of yours, we hope to be featured.
Visit us at and tell us how you think about our product. We’re open to all comments :smiley:
Thanks a lot