renderfarm private

Hi, everyone

im artsit blender over since 9 years, and ive maked my renderfarm privated, im work at just for me to make improve of talent.

so im offers my service to rendering hight scene render, for minimal price because normaly it’s exepensive, so now my material:

1 workstation:

cpu: xeon e5-2620 x2 24thread
gpu: gtx 680 x2 8go
hard disk: 1000go + ssd
supply: 1300watt

1 computer server:

cpu :i5 2500k
gpu: gtx 550 x2
hard disk: 500go
ram: 8go
supply: 750watt

1 computer server:

cpu :quad core
gpu: gtx 280
hard disk: 700go
ram: 4go
supply: 700watt

ive an other computer if you need in amd quad core.

all server can maked by node render time for render frame by workstation:

exemple my render actualy: 700 samples 1920x1080 cycle + post prod = 20min per frame

it’s very speed for more 6.000.000 poly render

all of the configuration, cam be make very hight render, actually im rendering my movie with just the workstation, 9 days for 450 frame in hd of 700 samples per frame with post prod and motor cycle.

support of my renderfarm:

blender 2.49 to 2.71
render: internal to cycle all version


24/24 7j/7 no crash support 18hour per day and securised

im help you for free il you want to compress max scène and baking maximal to optimizing rendering, and panel service is sended to see framing rendered in realtime by my server.

contact me if your interested for the price, it’s not exepensive, thank you

render exemple:


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sorry, thank you

no people interested, because it’s very not exepensive if your have project exemple 600 frames animation with 1200 pass per frame, it’s just 30euro per month, or you can buy per hours it’s 1euro/2hours to 3euro/2hours according to the length of the rendering and frame.

and credit free for 10 frames max 1336x768 - 1000 samples

possiblie rendering cpu or gpu, but gpu it’s more used for medium render

interface followed render it’s by user member, you can see render frame finish, and comments if you see problem frame, if frame render have problem or you need tu change detail, it’s possible to remake frame for free, but in the limit of size work.

you have possibility to see evolution of render exemple 200/2000 frame rendered.
it’s seriously offers, no fake, ive rendered render for other people.

thank you