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Dear members of this forum,

                       I would like to introduce our new renderfarm   service to you. We are located in the Frankfurt area in Germany.   Jobtransmission is via our new plugin. Here are the [features](  You can use our plugin to sync your project with our farm. The images  are stored directly via our plugin on your local folder. We offer a  1000ghz/h package for free, to see and test how it works.

                   webpage: [](
                       Official Cinema 4D Renderfarm
             Official VRAYforC4D Renderfarm
             Official VRAY Renderfarm

Official Modo Renderfarm
Official Itoo Renderfarm

For blender we offer up to 48 Nodes for CPU rendering and up to 7 Nodes with Tesla K20x 6GB for GPU Blender Cycles rendering.

We support Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Maya, Softimage, Modo, Vray, Blender more coming soon.
Check out our [=calculator&tx_render4you_rendering[controller]=Gflops"]cost estiminator]([action) on our site.

                       we will install or buy plugins, if needed.
                     Should you be interested just contact me by


                           I will forward further information upon contact. 

                     Kind regards Sven

hardware update 24.04.2014

link update hardware update