Renderfarm Technics ?


I have to write a report about Renderfarms and their Technics
for school, especially Network lessons.
Of course it has to be about Network technics which are used.
like eg.
What protocolls are used for certain tasks?
How do the Rendernodes communicate with each other to spread the work?
Which ports are used? etc.
Is there any Information available that could be used to answer some of
these questions?
I tried to find some inforamtion at but found nothing else, than info about quantities of Computers in Farms or Programms used to manage those farms. Nothing about technics. :frowning:

Can somebody help plz.


PS: I’m sorry for my bad english, was writing to fast :smiley: will have some info to start you down a rabbit trail…

perhaps PM Flare on this topic?

mzungu: Thx, but I need to know more about LAN-Render Farms for
professional use, like the one Pixar uses. My teacher told me
that there have to be some special protocols for networkrendering,
not only tcp or ip, he said something like FPI.

Check out the Apple Xgrid documentation. They use a system based upon an open protocol that I really should remember the name of but my mind is failing me in old age.

Anyway, look at their site

They have a few sales pieces and white papers (technical lit) on how the system is supposed to function.

I use Xgrid for blender at home and trying to build support to use it over the internet kinda like the BURP project.

Also do a forum search for the BURP project as well the BIONIC engine.

Thank you very much for your help,
I talked to the teacher and changed the topic to ‘building and using a renderfarm with dr.queue’ - seems to be a little easier. :wink:


Xgrid wouldn’t be much of a paper:

Step 1: Buy Xserve unit
Step 2: Buy Several Macs
Step 3: Buy Good Gigabit Router & Cat 6 cable
Step 4: Install Units
Step 5: Turn On Xgrid & config network for single Kerbos login
Step 6: Enable Xgrid on all Agents (several Macs)
Step 7: Send Jobs to Grid…

Really sucks when Apple makes creating a super computer that easy. Trust me, it takes more money than talent :wink: