i saw this thing called RenderFarm and thought it would be sweet. Does anyone subscribe to this service or know anything about it?

Can you elaborate?

RenderFarm is a fairly loose term, meaning any set-up where several computers are networked to compine CPU / RAM for an intensive task. They are used to make big films as a simgle computer would take forever to render each frame.
As far as what you can subscribe to, there are online renderfarms where you can upload your blender files, and they place them in a render queue for a renderfarm (tetrabytes of CPU power) to process, mailing you when the output download is ready. I understand “man in man” used a service like this.

You can also set up renderfarms on your own network if you have enough boxes tro make it worthwhile. My own efforts to make blender work with OpenMosix have so far not succeeded. (ref: )

ive just seen it on a site with a list of distributed computing projects and i saw RenderFarm and was insterested because my modeling abilities are quickly outrunning my CPU rendering ability.

They have a 20 dollar a month subscription deal for Blender users, which is a great deal. You have unlimited rendering (15 minute per frame limit, frames above that will be killed, but that’s on a 2GB 3Ghz machine, so it’s pretty reasonable). The same company’s similar offer for users of Max and Maya is in the thousands of dollars per month, just to give you an idea of what kind of deal this is for us.