How many cores does blender Institute’s render farm have ?

i like to know how many cores the blender institutes renderfarm has


My initial reaction to this thread is: Who cares?

However, I do know of a video that has Campbell touring the BI render farm during Durian production. The answer probably is somewhere in there, although it might be different by now.

Whats wrong with this thread/question?

from that video alone i managed to a count a 74 core renderfarm.

having done some research i can get 64 cores for around £2500(build the computers my self)
each machine is an AMD quad core(AM3), onboard graphics, 400w powersupply, 8gb ram and a harddrive for 155 pounds

unless the renderfarm at Blender institute has grown for the sake of Project Mango, in which case send me a private message…without building these machines myself i can also buy old cheap computers from ebay and then install debian/legacy ubuntu/legacy debian/a basic arch linux system or some other linux based OS

your probably better of buildg a GPU renderfarm rather than going for cores. onboard graphics are relativly useless for rendering cycles and as that is where Blender institute is focussing it will serve you well to be able to upgrade graphics boards

as for how many blender institutes has, who cares? it doesnt matter a jot if they have 6 or 10,000. build what You can afford

npm1, thats alot of machines… 16 machines… for only 64 cores.
thats alot of stuff that can go wrong… the more parts you have the more chance of failure.
16 mobo’s 16 HDD’s, 16 Power supplies… etc…

if going to to do just a CPU render farm go with more than 4 cores…
at least 6, 8 would be better
(this would cut the amount of machines in 1/2, save you time in servicing and maintaining them)

but if you cant make a renderfarm with just 2 or 3 machines first…
then i wouldn’t even attempt it with more…