Rendering 10,000 samples in .1 second - whats happening?

My images were comming up blurry, i adjusted settings and increased the samples - but no matter what i set in the blender samples the render always only takes like .1 second - this cant be right.

I have a fast i9 and 2080rtx, but still no way is every image no matter how large rendered that fast. I can adjust to 4k and 30,000 samples - and the end render is blury and looks like 50 samples.

There is an Override for samples in the View Layers Properties Panel:

Properties Panel -> View Layers -> Override -> Samples.

Perhaps that is the problem.

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i am looking for the tab with the view layers location. where is it in the UI? thanks.

Last time i encounter same problem and find out that i have not clean my composition node for the previous render, so it kept rendering a finished render over and over again.