rendering 16:9?

Can anybody help me out? When checking the button 16:9 the camera borders show the correct aspect ratio. But the rendered file (tiff, jpg, png - whatever) is stretched and squeezed back to PAL. Any idea?

Yeah, the 16:9 presets are for anamorphic (non-square pixels, i.e. aspx != aspy). Alternatively you can just render oversize, eg. 1024x576 for PAL, then squash it down later in a video editor, or else DVD creation software should be able to do it automatically too.

do you want a 16:9 non-anamorphict? If you want like an HD 16:9, then the HD presents with aspx=1=aspy makes an image that is true 16:9. Otherwise, in the 16:9 land, there is 1440x720, 1440x1080, (i or p) with aspx!=aspy, but good old 1920x1080 or any multiple of 16:9 will get you a regular sized widescreen image…852x480 PAL I just ran into as well for some HD plasma tv’s in china…because 480 is the old number of scan lines and that is the limiter for that particular HD display.