Rendering 2.82 with transparent background

Rendering PNG’s and I can only render with a white background! I’ve checked Transparent; selected RGBA; tried both Filmic and Standard under Color Management, tried both Cycles and Eevee…nothing changes render with white background.

In my Viewport, it renders with the transparency in the background; however, the rendered file copy has a solid white background. Can someone please help?

How are you viewing the rendered file copy? I render stuff out with transparency using PNG. If I view it in Windows 10 Photo program it appears with either a white or dark grey background depending on whether the Photos app is set to Dark or Light mode.

It’s still transparent though as opening it up in Photoshop reveals.

If it’s not that do you have something going on in the Compositor?

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Thank you so much, JohnMalcolm! Didn’t even think to do that…made my day!

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