Rendering 3200% faster. One simple trick

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Hi guys!

In this tutorial you will learn one simple trick that will help you in some situations to speed up your animation rendering more than 32 times using Intel AI Denoiser in Blender and TimeWarp effect in Adobe After Effects.

Let me know what you think!


That time warp effect result in After Effects is just mind blowing! :exploding_head:
Is there any downside of using this effect? Does it work in complex scenes such as interior architectural shots?

Unfortunately yes, there is some limitations. If you use it in fast-moving scenes there will be artifacts, but you can lower the frame step to 3…2.
But in smooth dolly shots it’s just pure magic for me.

What I mean is not the speed of the camera but with lots of objects that has less contrast between them, sharp edges, reflections/refractions etc.

It depends… Sometimes it is good, sometimes it’s not.