Rendering 360 for VR

Hi everyone,

Hope this topic isnt burried somewhere I couldnt find it, and if it is…sorry for the repeat.

I am trying to figure out the correct setting for rendering a Top-Bottom sequence that can be used to play 360 videos in other players.

There used to be a custom build of blender that worked, but it is no longer available:

So…the problem I’m having with the current build 2.76b, is that everything looks fine through an Oculus when facing forward, but as soon as you turn around, the images get flipped.

My settings are:

  1. under Render Layers, In check Views that enables Stereo 3D Left and Right
  2. Under Render tab, View Format: I enable Stereo 3D
  3. In camera settings, I make the Lens Panoramic. Type is set to Equirectangular. Stereoscopy is set to Toe-in, and pivot is set to Center

Am I doing something wrong, or missing an option?
Please help. It would be great to render videos for the VR format.


+1 on this. Please. It was my understanding that the combination of multi-view camera and equirectangular pano image would work but as Novak described, it ain’t so! Is the custom build that integrates a bunch of rotated render slices still necessary?

Hi, just for the records, this (spherical stereo) is in ‘master’ already, and available in the upcoming Blender 2.78 [release logs].

I’m just bringing that up because this article mentions this thread, but without suggesting Spherical-Stereo to be on for the rendering settings.