Rendering 3D polylines in blender?

Hi all,

I have a set of 3D polylines (eg sequences of 3d points that connect into polylines) that I would need to render with an animated camera.
Does anybody know if there is a way to render lines in Blender?

I cannot use something like freestyle or the edge render because these lines do not correspond to any mesh objects in the scene, they are just pure lines (as opposed to silhouette, or crease lines of an object).
Thanks for any help!


A quick and easy way would be to use the wire option in the material properties it is somewhat limited though.

Wire render or convert it to curves, set points to vector type and adjust bevel value for thickness.

sergof and jawra, thanks to both of you for your replies, both solutions work great!

I find that the “edge to curve” solution that jawra describes gives more flexibility (eg in line thickness).
I found this thread:
Which describes it:
makr wrote:
Delete any existing faces. Select all edges, and use Scripts/Edges to curves.
In the Edit Tab, change the Bevel Depth, to something suitable.

As a side question: I couldn’t find the “scripts” menu in blender 2.5, so I went back to 2.49 for this. Is this scripts menu somewhere or is it not available yet?

In any case, it’s working great for me now! Thanks again!

There is no scripts menu in 2.5 due to changed architecture.
In object mode : Alt-C>Curve From Mesh/Text do the job.