Rendering 3D steroscopic Top-Bottom with Graswald

Hello. i am new here so this topic is maybe in the wrong place.
I have a question : has anybody experience in rendering a animation (particles) along with graswald assets ?
My problem is that after rendering the animation (png) with cycles and stereoscopic (top/bottom) setting, only the top (left eye) part contains the graswald assets and the bottom (right eye) does not.
The basic animation (snowfall in this case) is visible as expected.
Any suggestions on this ?
using blender 2.90.1 on win10 and ubuntu. graswald pro edition.
amd ryzen 5900x 32gb ram, nvidia gtx 1060 6gb,

Seems OK here but I would drop by the Graswald page and ask there. Or PM Yukon if you don’t get a response anywhere…
I would help but I just bought it during the sale…so don’t know the ends and outs as yet!

Hi Dirk,
I have the same problem rendering in stereoscopic VR.
The bottom image does not render the Graswald grass.
Have you found a solution?
Best regards,