Rendering a 2.1m x 0.35m image in blender?

I’d like to render an image that fits the above measurements (2.1m x 0.35m) as It’s for an exhibition display, I’m just concerned about the resolution/DPI that I’ll need to produce a high quality image? Is it possible? Will 300DPI be enough?

I was using the ‘render to print’ add on but the pixel width caps at 10000.

At 300 DPI, I believe it comes out at 24,804px x 4134px… which is quite ridiculous but it’s still something I’d be willing to do. For production of the models and scene, would I be better off just scaling down the size until it’s render ready?

Any assistance on the matter is appreciated :slight_smile:
Kind Regards, Paul

The file can be uploaded to
The Render-time limit per-tile is I think 20 minutes. So if Tile-size is 256x256 pixels it can take as long as 20 minutes a piece.
File size limit is 500 mb. There’s a Faq section for more information.

Don’t know if that helps

You may be able to go as low as low as 200 dpi, and you would never need to go above 300 dpi. When you render at unusually high resolutions you will often see problems which cannot be seen at smaller sizes. If you are using image textures it might look fine at 1000 x 1000 pixels, but you may see terrible up sampling/artifacts at huge sizes. You should probably do some tests on a area maybe .2 m x .2 meters printerd on a standard printer. To do that you would convert to pixels first. e.g. at 250 dpi.
.2 meters = 7.87 inches at 250 dpi 7.87 x 250 = 1969 pixels.
So render out (a portion of the scene) with a camera at 1969 x 1969 pixels to png, or exr
In photoshop, open it and change resolution to 250 and width/height to 7.87 inches and print it.

Fuzzy/blurred overall? increase dpi to 300 and re-rendeder in blender

Pixelated/upsampled textures? get larger images texture (you cannot just increase the size of the original images) you need new or reshoot images at a higher pixel count. re render in blender