Rendering a candle flame

Hello everyone!

I’ve been trying to learn a few basic things and at the moment i’m trying to make a candle following

this tutorial. The problem I get however, is that during the first render in the 2nd part where a flame looking like this is supposed to show up.

What I get however, is just the candle without the actual flame.
edit: sorry, couldnt link a third link this early, will be located in a reply

Now I’m pretty sure I followed the tutorial exactly since I did it twice to be sure I didnt mess up, and I got the same problem both times.

Could anyone shed some light (pun intended :P) on the problem?

A link to my render I couldnt post in the original post.
Sorry for the double post!

Hmm, seems like you got a problem with the texture.
Some cool guy named Rickyblender set up a PDF version of the tutorial:
Maybe that helps you find the problem. Posting the blendfile so others can check on it might also be a good idea…

Sorry for the slow reply, your answer was of great help, thanks :).

Seems I just forgot to rebake after making a different save

Can anyone explain to me what settings control the point / general shape of the flame in this tutorial?