Rendering a model on a different layer.

Hey everyone,

been a while since iv’'e spent time with blender and I gotta say I just love cycles! and the new interface of course. I just have a quick question probably to be solved in 1 post but its that Im looking to work within the same scene, my main scene then create say a new basic studio setup on say the 3rd layer as a platform to do quick renders of the model I am working on, without wasting time rendering the whole scene.

I have tried setting up a camera on the 3rd layer but it always renders the original camera I,m not sure how to render from a different camera, Ive looked on google for answers but havent found a direct answer. Ive also tried the renderlayer toggles but still cant wrap my head around it, please could someone provide a description

thanks a million

So your question is: how to change the active camera? Did I get that right?

To change it, select the new camera and type CTRL + 0. It’s important to have the mouse pointer over the view port while typing the shortcut.

There is one problem. The layer which holds the camera has to be active. Otherwise you can’t select and change it. To solve this, you can assign the camera to more than one layer.

Hey thanks for the reply, see the problem is that shortcut is not working for me I read about it on another post in some forum somewhere, this could perhaps be due to the fact that I don’t have a numpad and have assigned my 0 to ortho/persp views on the normal laptop keyboard. The only thing that happens is an error “modifiers cannot be added to camera 001”.

I understand the layer assignment I just don’'t know what shortcut I would have to use in this case.

You can also use the menu instead of the shortcut: View > Cameras > Set Active Object as Camera. Or just change it by hand in at the top of the scene tab.

Ok, if you cant use a numpad you can use the menu as the next screen shot shows after you selected the camera.

Ah yeah cant believe I didn’t think of that. Ill give it a try in a minute if I don’t reply I got it working thanks in advance folks.