Rendering a scene with images that are on Plane

Not sure if this is right place… hope I can explain myself ok…
am learning different things in Blender… I am trying something with a scene… I created some mountains… and water in front… nothing fancy… I have a pine tree image and imported it into the scene … the trees along the mountains appear as they should, but the reflection in the water has the box around the trees… how do you get rid of the box in the reflection?

I’m using blender 2.72


Okay… I’ve been playing around with this… It appears that if there are image planes behind each other, they cast this box in the reflection… if it is a single image plane it doesn’t cast the shadow as long as the image plane is facing directly at the camera… I took out a lot of the trees and moved them around and it eliminated most of the boxes… but if there is an overlapping of planes, it shows the box in the reflection… I don’t know how to eliminate this… I’ve changed the camera views, and moved lighting around and still the shadow of the box remains if two or more planes overlap each other in the camera view… any ideas how to eliminate it?

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It is probably the number of bounces for the transparency. Try doubling them, and then playing around with the other light paths

Up to this point we don’t even know which render engine you are using…
Please supply a .blend file for review or at least give all relevant information.