Rendering a shadow AND a reflection... how?

(forkbomb) #1

I have no problems rendering either a reflection, OR a shadow of an object, using a plane underneath it. I’d like to be able to render both, however - and I am having difficulty.

As soon as I enable shadowing, I lose reflectivity. I’ve tried making a separate plane for the shadow - but it’s just not happening. (This is a simple object on a tabletop type thing)

Any tips/pointers out there for this?


(ectizen) #2

Here’s one way: make a duplicate of the object you want to cast shadows, move it to a layer that isn’t ignored by the reflection envmap, give it a new material with Alpha = 0.001 and ZTransp enabled. Render as normal.

A quick test (to make sure this actually works :wink: ) yielded this result:

Does this help?