rendering a sheet covering an object

suppose I want to produce something like still image of a sheet (made of fabric) covering an object, and I’m looking for a realistic effect, is there a way to achieve something like that? I don’t know anything about “softbodies”,but the term seems interesting…

…is it possible to achieve a “Christo” effect?


It is possible to get this effect with softbodies. I think you could get a reasonable effect by baking the softbody simulation and then adjusting the result to get the correct tied-up look.

View these,
some softbody simulation settings -
some images here -

Softbodies might work if you just wanted to drape something like that, but if you want to have it tied off in the middle like in those images, I’d probably just do it manually.

But either way, you’ll definitely have to do a fair amount of vertex tweaking.

do the softbody simulation - then use a cut where you want the ropes and use a peak’d proportional edit