Rendering a sprite sheet from multiple cameras?

I’m creating a few spritesheets from my animated models from Blender, but i’m trying to automate this process and make it faster and less cumbersome. Here’s an example of how my sprites look:

So, basically, each animation frame is rendered in 8 different angles. Today, i manually select each camera, render the frame, then manually build the sheet in Gimp. Any tips on how to make this process better?

What about animating the camera to rotate around the model and then extracting individual frames from the resulting file?

I mean instead of having a separate camera for each angle, animate the camera in a 360 degree circle around the model. Make the animation 8 frames long and animate the camera 45 degrees for each frame. If you set the output to individual images, that would at least save you having to select the cameras.

How can i control multiple animations? I mean, imagine that my character animation has 30 frames. My camera animation has 8 frames, one for each angle. How do i make sure that my camera animation plays once for each frame of my character animation?

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There was this software called texture packer
Paid, but with free functionality, can’t remember if free versiod had everything you’d need to skip the gimp step.

If not you could use ffmpeg (or imagemagick, very similar) - both command line tools, but really easy, they need similar naming convention for your rendered files though. For example ffmpeg would let you stitch images with command:

ffmpeg -skip_frame nokey -i sequence_%04d.png -vf ‘tile=8x8’ -an -vsync 0 spritesheet.png

Where your files would be named sequence_0001.png, sequence_0002.png, etc. and produced output file spritesheet.png
This is how I used to do this (example in this vid: )

There was a free blender plugin spritify:
It requires imagemagick installed on your system for stitching sprites, but once configured, it’s way batter then manual gimp work.

As for rendering from different angles etc. there are some paid plugins in which I believe you could use to render from different cameras. There was Render+ and some others afair and one (sorry for the shameless plug) that I wrote for exactly that purpose - Get Sheet Done (ok, shameless plug: It lets you render from different cameras and create sprite sheets.

I found this and it’s amazing: