Rendering a starfield skybox with Blender

Hi, i need to render a skybox starfield in Blender. The skybox is supposed to be positioned on one arm of the galaxy showing the galaxy bright center and and its arms on the coreward side, showing a less dense starfield on the outward side and upspin and down spin sides. For convinience i would call up/downspin up and down and coreward right side extending to the middle of front and back. I will also assume a fov of 90 degrees which is the most convinient which is equivalent to a Blender lens value 16 acording to the formula: lens = 16 / math.tan(math.pi*Degrees/360).

But from here on i’m lost on how to create this skybox. Could someone give me some hints on this?

Actually if I am not mistaken, the lens value is more like 20 for some reason.

You can use the Stars option under the world setting to generate stars, then just render each of the 6 faces of a skybox (orient the camera Up, down, left, right, front and back).