rendering a UV mapped textured object

I have an obj object which I Imported into blender and I can see it correctly in the 3d space (at the beggining it wasn’t good but then I flipped the texture verticaly and it worked), but now when I render it, it gets a weird result, the texture being mashed all over again.
any advise?

Hi. What you probably need to do is look at your ‘map input’ tab in your material set and click in the ‘UV’ box.

Load the texture as an image and map it to UV instead of the default ORCO setting.

If that doesn’t work, post a blend file so we can have a look.


I found the problem - I needed to push the assign button in the edit buttons.

now for another question: is there any video codec that allows you to acchive a video with alpha channel? like a PNG image but moving, if you know what I mean?