Rendering across multiple GPUs

I’m an avid member of the Stanford Folding@Home project and I was wondering if there is anyway to use the power of the GPU as the F@H project does. I have multiple rigs with 4x 8800GS on a MSI 790FX board with an AMD 3600x2. Is there any practical way to be able to render images or video across multiple GPUs?

Thanks for the help.

Gelato + blender export script is probably your only immediate option. The export script doesn’t handle all blenders features either so don’t expect VSE rendering to work for example, although BI is fast at that anyway.

btw there are a lot of threads about GPU rendering on BA, the question is raised many times. You’ll get a more detailed answer searching BA first.

Okay, thanks. Could you link me to a few of the threads? I searched for them but VB search isn’t that great.

Search BA using keywords like “GPGPU CUDA OpenCL” and I’m sure you will find pages of results. :slight_smile:


And did you try searching with keyword “Gelato” as well? :slight_smile: The hint being in my earlier reply? :slight_smile: