Rendering acting weird

Summary: When trying to render an animation on my new workstation in cycles, the rendering is stuck after a few frames and doesn’t manage to continue for no matter how long I wait.

I’ve got a problem. I recently bought a new workstation and tried rendering an animation in Cycles. The rendering starts, the first few frames (sometimes only one, sometimes 2, sometimes 3) are rendered without any problems, but then the engine suddenly doesn’t manage to switch to the next frame. No matter how long I wait the rendering remains on the last rendered frame.

Thereby, according to the task manager, the CPU is utilized 100%. Whether I use GPU or CPU for rendering doesn’t make a difference. Something doesn’t seem right… On my old workstation I don’t have this problem. Is it a hardware issue? I could still demand refund.

Thanks in advance for any help. I added a screenshot of the stuck render window in the attachment.