Rendering an animation issue.

When I render my animations, they are really choppy and the slider of the video player also moves in a choppy motion. Is this an issue with my settings or my computer? I would really love to be able to make an animation that is not so choppy. I’m trying create an animated short and these crappy videos aren’t helping :frowning: Can someone please help me try to figure this thing out so I can get a video that runs smooth and is not choppy what so ever?

Here is the link to the video on youtube. I’ve tried many formats including H.264 and I get the same results.

Relevant questions: What size (pixel dimensions) is your video? What format is the animation? Did you use a codec so the video is compressed?

Often, choppy playback is caused by a video that is too large for the player to deal with comfortably. That can be a result of too large pixel dimensions, or a format that isn’t suitable, or trying to play an uncompressed video of even modest size.

Also, what video player are you using – some can deal with varieties of size and format better than others.

I’ve been using VLC to view my videos but I get the same result with Windows Media Player and youtube. The video is H.264 but I have also tried other formats. The size is 800 by 600 pixels. Could this just be a hardware issue?

“Choppy” slider motion in the player is likely not relevant, that happens with short clips a lot. Your vid on youtube looks OK to me, given that there is no motion blur of any type applied. With fast motions of this sort, the eye expects blur, and when there is none, it leads to a visual perception effect called “strobing,” often described as a “choppy” look.

Try rendering your bouncing ball with Vector Blur added and see if it improves the impression of smoothness.

I’ll do that and get back to you

Ok, added vector blur but I am getting the same result. I’ve experimented with frame-rate, format, size ratio. I’m just not too sure what to do. It’s kinda very frustrating that I can’t get a good quality. To be more specific on my opening post, it seems in some frames that the ball is getting cut off vertically. So basically when the video plays, some frames seem to make a vertical portion of the ball disappear for a very brief moment.

It’s probably screen tearing and is likely a hardware issue. To confirm this, render your animation, or even just the part that seems to be so choppy, to an image sequence rather than direct to a movie format, then look at the images separately using the Fax & Picture Viewer (windoze) or the like – all the still images should look whole and “untorn,” It’s only when they’re being displayed in sequence at frame rate speed that they look chopped up.

BTW, what frame rate are you using? youtube and other display venues routinely translate your vids into a different format according to their own specs, so it’s not a good way to judge what you might be seeing on your local machine. 800x600 isn’t a huge size (largish, but not usually enough to strain a capable video card), but if you’re using too high a frame rate, it might be the source of the problem rather than your hardware. It can also happen when trying to view an uncompressed video, or one that needs to be compressed more.

ok, so I did a few tests and still figured out nothing. My brother has a better graphics card than me so I put it on a thumb drive and tested it on his computer and it runs amazingly. So through all this, it is my graphics card. Thanks for all the help!