Rendering an animation

How do you render an animation? I am trying to render an animation that’s a combination of two tutorials, but it’s not working for some reason. Any advice?

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I like to render animations as a sequence of png images, then add the image sequence to the video editor and render the video as an ffmpeg file with a QuickTime container that’s H.264 codec.

The problem with just rendering out a video, rather than an image sequence is it has lower quality & also you don’t lose your render if blender crashes mid render.

The simplest way is to just go to Output Properties > Output >
Change the file format to FFmpeg video
Change the output path and give a filename
Then go to Render > Render Animation (Ctrl F12)

Some things can mess you up, like the frame range not being correct or having compositing or sequencer turned on if you don’t want them on.