Rendering---An object is missing parts!!

Here’s my problem,

      When i render, the leather handle (upper and lower) seem to have "slices" of itself missing. But then other times its perfectly fine.

       The problem only occurs with the handle, wich is a different object than the rest. It also seems to occur more often when the camera is far away then when it is close. 

-Far away

I’ve pressed every little button i saw and fiddled around with ideas that dont make sense…still no effect. I never heard or seen this problem before, so any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

that is called z fighting

[the renderer can’t tell which part is closer and precision becomes less as things get further away and this is more of a problem]

what you need to do is get rid of the mesh that is under that region

or, if you are too lazy, make your clip start as high as possible, and your clip end as low as possible

Hey thanks z3r0 d,

   It worked perfectly. I think you allowed me to be sane again, i started this 2 days ago and thought i was doing good...then this came along... Again thanx  :D