Rendering anaglyphs.

First of all, sorry if you already got your red-blue glasses hoping to see some cool anaglyphs here :P.

I want to make a short animation and render it with two cameras, combined to make anaglyphs (you know, these funny blue-red colored films that can be seen in 3D with these blue-red glasses).

I want to know how can I make a “Render Layers” nodes in the node compositor to take renders from different cameras. Can it be done at all?

If not, I guess I can use different scenes, but I don’t want to animate the same scene twice. I know I can duplicate a scene but, if I add objects after duplication, they appear only in the scene they are added. Is there any way to keep two scenes in sync?

Any other suggestions will be welcome, of course.

Thanks in advance,


You should google the topic first.
Maybe this help you :

… and obvious link :